Our Instructors

Simon Bushby - 5th Dan Chief InstructorSensei Simon Bushby – 5th Dan Chief Instructor

Date Started Training – September 1988

Dan Grades Received:

  • Junior Shodan – December 1993
  • 1st Dan – June 1995
  • 2nd Dan – June 1997
  • 3rd Dan – June 2000
  • 4th Dan – June 2004
  • 5th Dan – Sept 2009

Brief summary of training:

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to travel, train and teach in various countries throughout the world, including Europe, America and Okinawa.

I have a passion for helping all the students in my Academy achieve their goals, be that improving Confidence, Discipline, fitness or weight management.

My experience in the Martial Arts and fitness industry has helped me to develop the skills so I can get the best from all my students.


 Mrs. Lorna Woolcott – Program Director

Mrs. Woolcott is our Program Director and responsible for our new students as well as admin tasks throughout the academy.

Sensei Andy Woolcott – 2nd Dan Instructor

1982 I started training in Karate in Dorchester with Sensie Craig Nevitt.

During my journey I have also trained with Sensie Ernie Molyneux (8th Dan IOGKF), Sensei George Andrews, 8th Dan, Sensie James Rousseau (9th Dan).

1987 – Graded Shodan (1st Dan) 2008 –

Started training again with Sensie Andy Barber (5th Dan) 2017 – Graded Nidan (2nd Dan)

I believe that my training has given me the self confidence, fitness and determination to not only progress my karate training, but given me the determination to be the best I can, in my career and personal life.

Sensei Andy Barber – 5th Dan Instructor1_profile

1983 – 1987 studied traditional Aikido with Sensei Paul McGlone.

1985 – began training in Goju Ryu with Sensei Ernie Molyneux (8th Dan IOGKF) at the Lincoln Road Dojo, Bournemouth.1990 – Graded Shodan (1st Dan)

1993 – Graded Nidan (2nd Dan)

1994 – Opened the Parkstone Dojo

1998 – Graded Sandan (3rd Dan)

2003 – Graded Yondan (4th Dan)

2009 – Graded Godan (5th Dan)